NephcEurope Nepal

In February 2018 NephcEurope visited for the first time Nepal and India by means of a travel through these two beautiful countries.

We spoke to many people about all kind of aspects of life, amongst which were patients with chronic kidney diseases or patients in need of dialysis or transplantation.

Recently the Board of NephcEurope has taken the decision to start a project to work on improved care for kidney patients in Nepal.

On July 28th 2018, NephcEurope together with the National Kidney Center’s Executive Director Dr. Rishi Kafle organised in KGH’s Kathmandu’s Park Village Hotel the first Nepalese Kidney Health Care Think Tank where numerous stakeholders in Nepalese Kidney care we present. Together they identified the most crucial needs to improve the quality of life for kidney patient care


On August 2nd 2018, NephcEurope and Dr Rishi Kafle were invited by the Ministry of Health to a meeting with the Head of the DG Health to come and explain about their initiative and results. The Head was very impressed by and also positive about our initiative and strongly encouraged us to continue! It was a mere joy to be able to spar with him so openly.

Last but not least NephcEurope visited the National Nepalese Kidney center to talk and exchange about thoughts and practises in the treatment of chronic kidney patients.

In February 2019, NephcEurope visited for the first time the National Transplant Center of Nepal. In a joint meeting it was discussed what is the present situation of healthcare provisions for End Stage Renal Disease patients in Nepal.


I would like to express that I am personally inspired by the excellent team that I met during my visit to Nepal. We continue our efforts!

By combining the knowledge and our network/community of Europe with Nepal we are convinced that mutual cooperation will improve mutual insights.

Mrs. Marieke van Meel, The Netherlands
Mr. Madhav Gautam, Nepal
Dr. Rishi Kafle, executive director of National Kidney Center, Nepal
Dr. Yincent Tse, Secretary of BAPN (British Assocation of Pediatric Nephrology), UK
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Tonshoff, IPTA, Germany

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