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Being a close family member to a person that has been affected by NS I would like to introduce myself to you.

I strongly believe that we can share a lot of datas and make huge steps forward. With two sides working

together, patients needs and comprehensive scientific background helped me lot when being the Vice President of

Association of Primitive or Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome Patients in France.

I want to bring this now to help NephcEurope.Philippe

Currently, working as an independent consultant ba...

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My name is , born 1980. I am from Bulgaria, a small, beautiful country in South-Eastern Europe.

I became aware of the decease as Michael, one of my sons, Kalo big 2

has been Nephrotic Syndrome diagnosed in the autumn of 2014.

Since then, my family is going through difficult times, but we are not losing

hope that our little kid will be the winner in this hard battle.

Besides taking care of my children, I work as a compliance professional in

a bank and fill up my spare time by doing jogging, watching footb...

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